Experts Mode 


The experts-mode offers many more features, and detects up to 4 clicks. You can select your favorite Features and configure them freely to your own needs. This makes bembu a powerful remote-control for your smartphone!


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This emergency features are available


Your phone will send a pre-defined message to all set recipients with your exact location


Same as “SendSMS” but your phone will repeat sending your position every 60sec until you stop the alarm by entering your Pincode


By setting this action your phone will call a pre-defined number and switch to handsfree-mode.


This action will send an emergency notification to all recipients with your exact location and calls a pre-defined number like the police. Additionally your phone will ring and try to deter an attacker by catching the attention of everybody around.


This additional-practical features are available


You can send a pre-defined SMS with your current position to pre-defined receivers. Thats importatnt in emergency situations, but can also be comfortable in everyday life.


you can trigger your camera with your bembu. thats great for making selfies without seeing your phone in the mirror.


you can call a predefined number and switch to handsfree-mode automatically. thats great for contacts you call often - eg. your mom!


you can start an audio-memo without touching your phone - thats great when you have to store an idea while driving your car.


You can store your current position with a simple press. That might be comfortable if you wanna find your parked car or your hotel again.

Mute your Phone

you can switch your phone to mute-mode and back remotely.





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All of this functions can be configured comfortably in the App on the mainscreen (left) and you can see the current configuration for up to four actions. To configure an action just select the action to come to the submenu and change the details. You can configure your actions to your needs, adding contacts, changing message-text or selecting practical features for your everyday life.







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562132 web R K by Tony Hegewald pixelio.deHow does the system work?

bembu is easy to use! You just need the bembu-bracelet and the free bembu-APP to be safe!

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Bembu is a powerful emergency notification system, that calls for help with the push of a button!

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