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The bembu-bracelet has only one button for easy and intuitive usage. Although you can control different actions with this single button.

If you press the button once, your phone beginns to ring and flash, so you can find your missplaced phone.
If you press the button twice, you start the PanicAlarm which sends your current position to various predefined recepients, calls the police and plays an accoustic sound alarm to distract an attacker.

The connection is only established when activated, to ensure, your battery will not be drained!


 * the experts mode detects up to four clicks, and many more features can be configured individually.




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IMG 0519additional practical features

To make bembu a day to day available companion we added practical features for your everyday life!

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562132 web R K by Tony Hegewald pixelio.demore about the experts mode

The experts mode allows to detect up to 4 clicks and you can freely chooes and configure your favorite actions.

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