Bembu was designed to fit perfectly into everybody's life. An emergency notification system itself is boring, and nobody would like to carry around an ugly notification-item. Therefore we added a practical PhoneFinder that makes your phone ring and flash, to find it easily when misplaced. 


So we developed a system, that is easy to use and makes fun too! bembu!





PhoneFinder schmal 



As you can see, bembu is a daily companion, that you will never want to miss again! It helps you in everyday life situations as well as in any kind of emergency situations! But also the passive features are essential to make bembu to your best friend!


Extraordinary Battery Lifetime

bembu has a battery lifetime of about 6 months - thats a lot! By the way, it does not drain your phone´s battery!

Secure Connection

bembu uses a special transmition-protocol and resend-strategies to ensure maximum reliability.

Smartphone Compatible

To ensure maximum compatibility to any smartphone, bembu works with almost any android operating smartphone (from Android 2.3.3 up). On iOS, bembu works from iPhone4S up.


bembu uses a powerful rechargable Li-Ion battery. you dont have to charge it often, but when necessary it can be charged easyly and quickly at any usb-port.

Bluetooth Connected

to ensure maximum compatibility to any smartphone - even older and cheaper models - bembu works with any common bluetooth-standard (v2.1 classic to v4.0 BLE).

Easy Usage and Customization

bembu has only one button and therefore it is easy and intuitive to use - even in emergency situations. The functionality can be individually configured in the App. Thats comfortable and effective at once!

Water Resistant

The housing of bembu is completly water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about swimming with your bembu!

No Electric Smog

We wear our bembu all day long, so it is a very important feature, that bembu does not emit electrically smog all the time.


bembu is extremly slim and the high quality materials ensure the best comfort to wear bembu all day long.
EUROPEAN Engineering Quality!

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Bembu is a powerful emergency notification system, that calls for help with the push of a button!



562132 web R K by Tony Hegewald pixelio.deHow does the system works?

bembu is easy to use! You just need the bembu-bracelet and the free bembu-APP to be safe!