bembu - your smart help!

bembu is the smart emergency notification system with practical features for your everyday life!

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bembu is brand new - bembu is easy to use - bembu is revolutionary!

stylish, free of electric smog, configurable, extraordinary battery lifetime, prevent false alarms, ... and many more!

How it works

bembu has only one button for easy and intuitive usage. To differ between various functions bembu detects how often you press your button and transmits the command to the smartphone via bluetooth. The actions are configured in the App eg. send a message with your current position to predefined recepients, calls the police plays an alarm to distract an attacker or makes your phone ring and flash, to find it when misplaced.

To make bembu a reliable system we implemented various mechanism as resending strategies.




bembu is a powerful emergency notification system for every situation

It is easy to use and can also prevent false alarms!     read more ...

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Additional practical features

To make bembu a day to day available companion we added a practical PhoneFinder. So you will never miss your bembu and have it by your side if you need it! That makes the big difference to classical emergency systems!
The experts mode allows you to freely choose from many more practical features.

  • Save your current position to find it again later.
  • Accept pending calls with 1-click
  • ... and many more features to choose from as you like!


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Configure the functionality of bembu individually for your everyday life!

The Smartphone-App allows you to configure your actions easily and allows you to watch the current settings comfortable on the mainscreen.





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You like bembu?

bembu should become your daily companion?

  • a neat and slim accessory
  • a daily companion with practical features
  • the most important thing, bembu is at your side and gets you help
  • ... for you and your loved ones


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