Your Smart Help Daily Companion Stylish Accessory

Emergency Notification System

bembu is a powerful emergency notification system, that allows you to call for help with the push of a button!

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Additional Practical Features

To make bembu a day to day available companion we added practical features for your everyday life!

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How does it work?

bembu is easy to use! You just need the bembu-bracelet and the free bembu-APP to be safe!

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Get the possibility to call for help at any time - get bembu!

Get a piece of selfconfidence and safety for you and your loved ones!

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Why do you need bembu?!

Call for help at any time!

bembu gives you the possibility to call for help with a simple press at any time!

Never worry again!

you never again have to worry about your loved ones, because you know, they can call for help in any situation!

Optimal help in accidents!

bembu can send your current position to multiple receipients to guarantee optimal help in any case of an accident.

Helps in everyday life situations!

bembu will help to find your missplaced cellphone or will remember important places for you.