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Welcome To Bembu

Electronics should be discrete enablers of delightful and magical experiences. Our aim is, that you feel save and secure whenever you are out alone and while whatever you do. Bembu will become a truly remarkable addition to your everyday life and you never wanna miss it again. 

I, Daniel Rumetshofer, created the concept for bembu after having been shocked by the media after the enormous increase of verbal and physical abuse against women all over the world in 2012. Together with Andreas Berger, we brought the project bembu to life.

Almost one year later we founded the Bembu GmbH and finished the prototyp of bembu. Now we are working on the mass production to bring bembu to you by the end of 2015.




Who we are

We wanna give you the possibility to actually do something for your safety and security, so we provide a reliable and affordable device for all people to make the world a bit more secure.

We are going to make bembu as stylish and useful as possible to be attractive and affordable for every second woman on the world. So the crime-rate shall be significantly reduced due to deterrence.

We use user-centered-design to create a product that is really usable in emergency situations and practicable in your everyday life.

We obtained various subventions and built a working prototype - when bembu saved only one life, we reached our biggest milestone.

... because YOUR


IS our


Our Team

Daniel Rumetshofer

Founder, CEO

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Andreas Berger

Co-Founder, Sales

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