bembu GPS-Watch

The bembu GPS-Watch is an adequate emergency notification system in a modern, trendy watch! 

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the simple one-button-solution helps to react fast and intuitiv in any emergency situation!

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emergency notification system


The bembu GPS-Watch is a mobilephone with an integrated GPS-receiver combined to a modern watch. So there are other devices necessary to call for help, to locate the device or to make a phone-call.

The single button design makes the product suitable especially for children and seniors!




  • emergency notification that sends an SMS with actual position and calls the predefined contacts.
  • remote tracking at any time.
  • the watch can also answer calls.
  • NEW: fall detector and automatic emergency call in case of no movement.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Yes! Whenever you push and hold the SOS-button for at least 3 seconds, the stored contacts will be called. When the receiver answers the call, you can talk over the integrated microphone and speaker.

When you press and hold the SOS-button for at least 3 seconts, the watch will determine your current position. Then your current position will be sent to the receiver by SMS. In parallel, the watch will call your stored emergency contacts. You can store up to three contacts, that will be called one after the other until one receiver accepts the call.

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You will get a SMS with a bembu link. You can click on the link, and open the link in the browser of any smartphone. The position will be shown on a google maps site. So you can get a first idea of what might have happened on that position. Try to call the person or inform a person that might be near. If you are unsure, you should inform the rescue-service.

The GPS-Watch has a battery lifetime of about 5 days. We recommend, to charge the watch in a daily process, like every night, or while having a shower. Due to the fast charging feature, an empty battery is recharged within 1-2h!

Yés, the watch can be used to swim or to shower.

You just have to send a SMS with the content "11" from your phone to the watch`s number. The watch will define its position and reply to your phone by SMS. The SMS contains a position-link, that can be opened in the browser of any smartphone. So you can see the position of the watch directly on a google map site.

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We adopt this FAQ continuously. If you have any further questions, don`t hesitate to ask:




  • battery voltage 3,7V
  • charging voltage 5,0V DC / USB
  • operating temperature -20°C - +70°C
  • operating frequencies GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • positioning over GPS + Wifi
  • protection class IP67
  • battery lifetime about 5-6 days